Sunday, November 14, 2010

After 7 treatments

Time is flying. I can't believe I have had 7 chiro treatments. I must admit my back is loads better but still not perfect. I about cracked up when the doc told me he'd have me running by December. He doesn't know me well. I've already been trying to do a little, very little but that's better than nothing.

Yesterday dh and I went down to a multi use trail to walk but I talked him into doing a little running with me. I told him since I feel like I'm basically starting over he might as well run with me.

Actually he use to run so I was hoping to light a fire under him again. I think he liked doing it a bit. I know I did. It was a perfect fall day. Cool but some humidity in the air. The leaves are turning so the scenery wasn't too bad. The trail has a few hills which I talked him into running.

All in all it was great to be out there!

Until next time, happy running everyone!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3rd Treatment

This a.m. I got up feeling a little better. So I decided to keep a positive attitude and hope for the best at the chiro doc office. I was surprised to find out I would be receiving some different treatments today which in my opinion were a little better than what I have been having.

So in the end I decided I would give another treatment a try. So off I'll go again this coming Friday a.m.

This afternoon I did walk 50 minutes in my neighborhood. It was very cool and overcast. I tried to run some but the back didn't like that much. Hopefully soon. I'm also happy to say I did 100 sit ups this a.m. without pain. Slowly but surely(?) I guess.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

After two treatments

Okay, I've had two treatments now and still don't feel much relief. I know two treatments doesn't sound like much but I'm starting to be concerned about how much this is costing for no relief.

I have another appt. in the a.m. I'm almost to the point if I don't have some relief after it I may discontinue. Mentally I am becoming very discouraged. I must admit tho I did do sit ups this a.m. without pain. So I guess that is something.