Monday, January 3, 2011

I think I've got it!

The half marathon bug that is. My last few runs that I have done have been long ones. (for me anyway). Today was no exception. I ran for 53 minutes. Can I tell you how long it's been since I've done that. So long that I don't actually remember when I did that! Maybe never?!?!

Anywhoo I think I am wanting to run a half. There is one scheduled here in April. After watching the "Biggest losers" run on t.v. do a full I can't believe I couldn't do 13.

I have to admit my knees were aching somewhat when I finished and I am a little concerned about my back tolerating it. But other than that I think I would like to try.

I have til January 31 to register for the $60.00 fee or afterward it goes up to $75.00. That seems a bit much to me. Oh well, I'm going to wait til the end of January to see how I feel.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Problems with Blogger

Help! I've just noticed my comments are not showing up on others blogs. Also, I have another blog which isn't linked to this one. When I try to follow a runners blog my avatar to my other blog shows up and links to my other blog. Therefore this blog isn't showing up anywhere.

Can you say frustrating?????

If anyone has any suggestions please send them my way. Oh and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Am I Still a Runner?

Goodness, right now that is a hard question. Every since I went down in my back I'm not sure I'm feeling it. I finished up with my 7th visit to the chiro doc and my back is so much better. I've been back chugging along for a couple of weeks now and truthfully I'm not sure I'm enjoying it. And now that the weather is changing(I'm not a cold weather person at all) it's taking a lot of discipline for me to go out and run. It would be nice to have a training partner. All of ya'll that do count yourself very lucky.

I did have a couple of Saturdays where I did feel like running. I was actually running a much slower pace than usual and trying to coax my hubbie to run also. It really was enjoyable but now not so much. Today's run felt pretty terrible. Maybe I was just having a bad running day. We all do so I guess it was my turn.

Hopefully tomorrow's run will be better.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

After 7 treatments

Time is flying. I can't believe I have had 7 chiro treatments. I must admit my back is loads better but still not perfect. I about cracked up when the doc told me he'd have me running by December. He doesn't know me well. I've already been trying to do a little, very little but that's better than nothing.

Yesterday dh and I went down to a multi use trail to walk but I talked him into doing a little running with me. I told him since I feel like I'm basically starting over he might as well run with me.

Actually he use to run so I was hoping to light a fire under him again. I think he liked doing it a bit. I know I did. It was a perfect fall day. Cool but some humidity in the air. The leaves are turning so the scenery wasn't too bad. The trail has a few hills which I talked him into running.

All in all it was great to be out there!

Until next time, happy running everyone!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3rd Treatment

This a.m. I got up feeling a little better. So I decided to keep a positive attitude and hope for the best at the chiro doc office. I was surprised to find out I would be receiving some different treatments today which in my opinion were a little better than what I have been having.

So in the end I decided I would give another treatment a try. So off I'll go again this coming Friday a.m.

This afternoon I did walk 50 minutes in my neighborhood. It was very cool and overcast. I tried to run some but the back didn't like that much. Hopefully soon. I'm also happy to say I did 100 sit ups this a.m. without pain. Slowly but surely(?) I guess.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

After two treatments

Okay, I've had two treatments now and still don't feel much relief. I know two treatments doesn't sound like much but I'm starting to be concerned about how much this is costing for no relief.

I have another appt. in the a.m. I'm almost to the point if I don't have some relief after it I may discontinue. Mentally I am becoming very discouraged. I must admit tho I did do sit ups this a.m. without pain. So I guess that is something.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Walking in LA

This a.m. while still in Kenner, LA with dh we took a morning walk and then I got on a treadmill for 20 minutes. Even tho I did still have some slight pain with each step I'm so glad I did the walk. It made me feel like I wasn't completely letting all my hard work go down the tube.

I have an appt. with the chiro doc again in the a.m. I surely hope he helps bring more relief. I really am missing my running and am quite concerned about my fitness level. I've read after two weeks of non-activity your level starts declining. Ugh!