Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Fun Run....Not!!!

After being off the last two days due to rain, Mr. Sunshine was out in full force this a.m.Was I ever so glad to see him. So, around 9:00 out I went to, hopefully, enjoy my run. Not to be had. The wind was blowing so hard, 20-30 mph gusts and I felt each and every one. If I had sprouted wings I could have flown for my exercise instead of running.

Luckily my right knee didn't bother me much but I'd say this wasn't my most pleasant run.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Susie, Boy, it is windy here too. I had to drive John to the dr. today and we kept seeing folks trying to walk on the sidewalk and it was like they were moving in slow motion. Did I tell you that my knees have been hurting and it turns out I strained them getting down to clean the baseboards etc. - I almost laughed when he referred to it as "runner's knees." I haven't run in years!!!!!!!!!