Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well I guess I have finally reached the "klutz" stage. Or is it I'm just getting old. Just last week I was running along, went to step upon a curb and turned my left ankle terribly. In fact it was so bad I fell completely down. I got back up and started to walk and realized how bad it hurt. But I decided to continue running which in the long run I think helped.

Of course the foot swelled up over the next few days but thankfully no broken bones.

This afternoon when I got home from work I decided to ride my bike. I was going pretty good and ran thru some mud puddles. Big mistake!! Wet bike tires, turning a curve and pavement just don't go together.
Can you say ouch??? I wish I could see a replay of how my wreck happened. I have a seriously scraped left knee, two cut palms and a right shoulder and elbow that are cut. I think I must of rolled.

Needless to say this didn't feel too good. Luckily for me one of the girls in the neighborhood saw me and asked if I was okay. At first I thought I was but then I got so dizzy I knew I couldn't ride my bike home. Plus the front wheel had a problem.

She called dh for me and he had to come and pick me up. I tell ya, I really am turning into a klutz.

Anyway, so much for my morning run. I'll probably do good if I can walk.

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Becky said...

I hope your knee is feeling better sissy girl! Happy 4th of July to you and honey bunny!!!