Thursday, December 2, 2010

Am I Still a Runner?

Goodness, right now that is a hard question. Every since I went down in my back I'm not sure I'm feeling it. I finished up with my 7th visit to the chiro doc and my back is so much better. I've been back chugging along for a couple of weeks now and truthfully I'm not sure I'm enjoying it. And now that the weather is changing(I'm not a cold weather person at all) it's taking a lot of discipline for me to go out and run. It would be nice to have a training partner. All of ya'll that do count yourself very lucky.

I did have a couple of Saturdays where I did feel like running. I was actually running a much slower pace than usual and trying to coax my hubbie to run also. It really was enjoyable but now not so much. Today's run felt pretty terrible. Maybe I was just having a bad running day. We all do so I guess it was my turn.

Hopefully tomorrow's run will be better.

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Terri said...

After my (very minor!) back episode last week I can really sympathize with you, Suzie! Hopefully running will continue to be more fun for you than not - we all have those awful days where you're just trying to finish, you know?