Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sun King 5k

Saturday a.m. the alarm clock rings me awake at 5:45. I had been awake off and on for about an hour wondering if I really wanted to leave my nice warm bed to go run in the cold. Bless David's heart he gets up and goes to check the weather for me. I had told him if it was going to be windy I would not go run. Running in wind during the summer is one thing but when it is 49 degrees that's another lion.

He came back with the update telling me the stars were shining and it was 49 degrees. So, I got my self up and began to prepare for what lay ahead. I went back and forth trying to decide what to wear. In the end I decided upon a short sleeve t and a pair of shorts. But I also took a long sleeve t and the much needed cotton balls. Cold air makes my ears ache. So I have to stuff my ears with cotton.For breakfast it was the usual toast with butter but this morning I decided to add a little jelly. And to drink? Just water. Boy, does that sound good or what?!?

The race started at 8:00 so we left the house about 6:50. I would have to register once we got there since I had not done so previously. The race started at an Episcopal church in the Fondren area of Jackson. When we arrived there was lots of activity going on. Of course my nervous stomach was there with me as usual. Would I ever love to start a race without him accompanying me. I wonder what that would feel like?I was surprised to see this pic. That sneaky hubbie took it without me knowing it. No, I wasn't fixing to throw up even tho I might have felt like it. I was stretching. Have I ever learned how important that is. The start. When I am standing there waiting all I can think of is, can you just shoot the gun and lets get going!?!??As you can see, the short sleeved t idea was ditched. The air was really cool. I'm so glad I had taken the long sleeve with me. At this point I had only been running for about a minute and my brain was already revolting. A big war is raging between it and my body. Fortunately the brain didn't win or I wouldn't be typing this.The race was in a really pretty neighborhood. Love this house. Funny thing is I don't even remember seeing it during the run. Don't remember seeing the ghost in the yard either.See the ghost again? I still didn't. But what I did see was those two guys in front of me leaving me behind. Hey, wait for me!! They didn't listen very good.Still not listening. Imagine that! The guy in the white t must of slowed his pace somewhat because we ended running side by side for the last 1/2 mile.Here we are coming toward the finish line. I tried to kick it in and leave him but that wasn't happening.Oh well, I gave it all I could. He only beat me by a second. And after seeing the results I found out he's only 24. I'm old enough to be his mom. Nuff said!In the end I took 1st place female overall. Yippee!! My first win! Instead of the normal trophies this piece of stained glass was my award. Very nice and very different. In addition to the stained glass trophy I won these prizes. See the platter? I won that as a door prize. I also won two gift certificates and that really nice jacket. Wow! What a nice surprise! This is the t-shirt that every runner received. Unfortunately they had run out of my size so this one goes to my number one cheerleader. He's the best!

In the end my final time was 22:25, 35th out of 152 runners.

I think this has been my favorite race so far. The course was in a very picturesque neighborhood. It had a few small hills with lots of turns and I did notice lots of trees.

So until next time, happy running!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning and Congrats Susie! I am so proud of you. Love the stained glass piece and wow - at the other prizes. I enjoyed seeing the neighborhood too. I love that David took pics of you along the route. I enjoyed your post so much this morning. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Will you be running in a race this weekend? Looks like the leaves around here will peak in the next few days. Hope you two have a wonderful weekend!