Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why Do I Run?

It seems like a simple question. Why do I not have a simple answer? I've seen and heard views from people and they all seem to know exactly why they run. Some say they enjoy the "runners high". Some say to stay in shape and lose weight.

These seem to be perfectly good reasons. I'd even venture to say these answers can apply to me as well, but I don't think they are the definitive reason. Take the "runners high" for example. Before I can say I have experienced this I would have to define it. What is it exactly? Is it a feeling of elation during the run? Is it a sense of accomplishment when finishing a training run or a race? Or maybe it's as simple as the joy one may receive while running. (For sure, that is definitely not me).

For now I'd have to say my "runners high" comes after I have completed a race and I know I gave it my all. Now don't get me wrong. I have had a few of those training runs where everything seemed to go great; it was a beautiful day, lungs and legs felt strong and I was happy just to be able to run. But unfortunately for me, those days don't come along very often.

I don't run to lose weight even though that can be a benefit. One thing I do enjoy about running is I can eat whatever I want. Granted I don't eat everything in sight and I don't overindulge in sweets.That doesn't mean I wouldn't like to.

So, I guess I don't really have a for sure answer as to why I run. Maybe it's a combination of everything I mentioned. Maybe it's because I have always been active and running comes along with that.

One thing is for sure, until I know the answer I will just keep asking myself, "Why not run"?

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Anonymous said...

Reading this brought back memories from high school track. I was always very thin and running was easy; I always had good endurance. It was good for my self-confidence that a couple of coaches complimented me. Years and years later, the first house that I owned backed up to the high school track. It was always nice in the evenings to go walk around the track after a long day behind a desk at work. It was fun reminiscing about being there as a teenager. I always enjoyed being outdoors.