Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thoughts of Running This Morning Quickly Ran Away

It's the kind of morning that is perfect for a race; beautiful fall blue skies, warm sunshine, temps in low 50's, what more could you ask for? This morning my body and mind asked for more sleep. So, who was I to argue with it?

Truthfully, I haven't felt good in the last couple of days. I'm not sure if I've had a sinus infection, allergies or a virus trying to take over. I just know if I had ran this a.m. I wouldn't have been able to give it my all, so I decided to skip the race. I'm glad I wasn't pre-registered for it.

So for now I'll run and train for the next race which I hope will be in a couple of weeks.

Til then, happy running!

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Anonymous said...

I had wondered if you were running today Susie. I am glad you did not push yourself. I am finally learning after all these years, to listen to my body. I know many people who have had a virus in the last few weeks and I have suffered with allergies - you may have a touch of both. We have a yard helper yesterday/today and I have tried to help him but my body lets me know when it's time to stop and let the 18 yr. old take over!!!!! I did warn him that "I" was what 52 looked like!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you feel better very soon Susie.