Friday, August 28, 2009

GI & Assoc. 5k at the Rensaissance

6/13/09-Just knowing over 500 had signed up for the race was enough to turn my stomach inside out. The race was at 6:00 which meant getting up at 4:00 a.m. The Renaissance 1/2 marathon was being ran the same day.

As we were driving to the Renaissance shopping center we noticed lightning in the northeast sky. Hopefully, the rain would stay away. It was a mostly cloudy morning which I was thankful for.

When we arrived people and cars were everywhere. They had over 1000 running the 1/2 which would start first. Excitement filled the air while my nerves were torturing me.

The line-up for the 1/2 began and off they went. Next up, 5k runners. We started lining up and I took my place close to the start. My heart was already racing and I hadn't even moved a leg yet. Next thing I know, the gun goes off. Luckily I knew this course from driving it earlier. The first mile would be almost all uphill; nothing serious, just a gentle incline. After that a flat area around a nice pond and then back down hill.

As I rounded the pond I wondered how far back I was in the pack. In the back of my mind, I didn't think I was too far behind. I noticed a lady about 200 yards in front of me but she seemed to be struggling.

At the next water table she grabbed a cup but I kept on going.

As I rounded the final turn I could see the finish line. How exciting! There were lots of people there shouting and clapping. Oh was I ever glad to finish. And my time? 23:35, my best time yet.

In the end I finished 2nd lady and 12th overall. My best yet!

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