Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Race for Grace

May 5, 2009-The Race for Grace at the Christ United Methodist Church in Ridgeland would be starting at 8:00. I got up about 6 to wake up, eat and begin the morning nerve session that was always present on race day.

Once we arrived at the Church I couldn't help but notice all the runners here. There was lots of them, more than at the last run.

My hubbie had told me this would probably be a flatter course than last and he was right but it was really hot. After the gun, I started out faster than I should have, as usual, and at about 100 yards I was ready to quit. My stomach was not good and I just felt terrible. But I kept on prodding along and was running a pretty good pace.

In the end my pace ended at 24:41 which was good enough for 4th place woman and 35th overall. Once again I took home the Grand Masters trophy. The fire under my feet was getting bigger.

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