Monday, August 24, 2009

Run for Your Life at UMMC

Since the March race put a fire under my feet I was in search of the next. I found it on the MS Track Club website. It was a 5k at the University of MS Medical Center. The whole race would be ran on the campus. Dear hubbie had cautioned me that it could be hilly but I decided to do it anyway. The race date was April 18.

That a.m. we got up and after having my one piece of toast and NO coffee we headed down to the race. It was a cool morning with a breeze blowing.

Upon arrival I discovered many people would be running in this race unlike the last. Oh well, I would just do the best I could.

We lined up for the start and waited for the gun. As I sit here typing this, it still makes me nervous just to think about it. You could probably see my heart beating in my chest if you looked close enough. Nausea had sit in again so everything was normal.

As I looked around at everyone I wondered what they were thinking. Or, were they feeling the way I was? The gun shoots and off we go. As we round the corner the first hill appears. Oh no! As I later learned, this would be the first of many.

Now I'm not afraid of hills, in fact, I find them challenging and they help to keep a race from becoming too boring. But let me tell you, this course is extremely hilly, especially for someone who trains on flat roads.

The course ran back by the start where my hubbie watched. When he saw me he hollared out, "you are the 5th woman". I thought are you joking me? So then I knew I had to keep my pace going.

When we did our final turnaround I knew the finish line wouldn't be far away. I let one girl pass me and managed to finish 6th female. I really couldn't believe it! My time was 24:48. The best part besides it being over was winning the Grand Masters Trophy again.

I was hooked for sure!

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