Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Afternoon Run

All day long I was dreading my run. Since I am now working 5 days a week again I will not be able to do my morning runs. It's back to the park and afternoons for this girl.

Weather wise it was a hot and very, very humid day. Temperature was 92 degrees. Argh!

After I stand on my feet all day in this weather, running doesn't sound like much fun but I am happy to report I did it!

After the first 10 yards I was pretty much ready to quit. It's amazing how much running is such a mental game. My brain was so ready to stop but the legs wanted to keep going.

So much to my amazement I made it thru. Yippee!! Thank the good Lord above for cloud cover. Little did I know tho a big, big rain was getting ready to move in.

I finished my 3 miles in 21:49 which is a PR for me. I was able to walk my 4th mile and started on the 5th but the rain set in. Oh well, I'm just glad I got my run in.

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Anonymous said...

You GO girl! It was unusually hot and humid here also yesterday afternoon. Congrats on your time!