Monday, September 7, 2009

This Morning's Run

As I opened the garage door I saw that I would be running in the fog. The humidity was still present but the temperature was about 68 degrees. Even though my glasses kept fogging up it was pleasant.

I had hoped after not running yesterday that I would have felt great this a.m. Fact is, I felt about the same.

I started out as usual and when I loosened up I decided to try fartlek. I picked out a landmark and would run as fast as I could to the landmark and then slow the pace. I did this a few times but now I realize I need to have a more structured course in order to do this efficiently.

I really wanted to run longer this a.m. but I guess with the fartlek I tired more and had to stop at my normal 30 minutes.

Afterward I did my normal 30 minute walk. There was a breeze blowing that helped me cool down.

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