Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Rainy Run

This morning I couldn't make myself get up for my regular run. I guess there are some days where you need to listen to your body so I did. Of course, as usual, I felt guilty but had told myself I was going to run this afternoon.

But then, just as we pulled into the garage after buying groceries the rain started. Then I really felt guilty cause I didn't run this a.m. But luckily(?) it stopped and I went for it. It was cloudy, 84 degrees and very humid. After about 15 minutes it started raining again. My upper thighs weren't really bothering me so I kept on running. I have to admit I felt like I was running in concrete. At 30 minutes it was still lightly raining and David came out to walk. So, I joined him and we walked together in the rain.

After awhile it started continuously thundering so we decided to call it quits. But I was glad to get in 27 minutes of walking.

This is going to be an interesting week since I have now gone back to work full-time. That means no a.m. running for me. I'll be having to stop at the park to complete my runs on my way home. Since it's a one mile path I'll be able to keep up with how good or bad I am doing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susie, I am enjoying looking through your new blog. How exciting to be working toward the 2011 Sr. Olympics in Houston. The lady who formerly owned our house's best friend lives at the end of our dead end street and her daughter's family live across the street from us. The mom and daughter walk every day - and we have some killer hills on this street. Canton has a very nice, level walking park and nearby Alpharetta has Big Creek Greenway (6 miles of 12' wide trail). I really should start walking. Best wishes to you on your goal. I am not going to the Third Day concert but have a neighbor who has been to the amphitheater and says it is great for concerts.

runner said...

Thanks for the visit Mildred. You are too sweet!